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The “Korea Shield System-3D” is the 1st small 3D Automated Mobile Phone Measurement System in the world.
The “Korea Shield System-3D” requires small space and meets most R&D Lab. requirement.
The “Korea Shield System-3D” provides following features
- Meet CTIA Far Field Measurement Requirement
- Variable Size: from 2.8 x 1.8 x 1.6 m (H) to 8.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 m (H)
- Fast Automated 2D & 3D Air Sensitivity Measurement
- Fast Automated 2D & 3D Radiated Channel Power Measurement
- Fast Automated 2D & 3D Antenna Pattern Measurement (option)
- Fast Automated 3D Spurious Measurement (option)
- Fast Simultaneous Measurement of Air Sensitivity & Channel Power
- Available W-CDMA, PLTS GPS, DMB, Bluetooth
- Various Configuration & Option

The “Korea Shield System-3D” provides various drivers
(Agilent 8960-5515C, 8922, 8924C, R&S CMU200, Agilent 8753 Series and PNA Series)
The “Korea Shield System-3D” can be upgraded with freely
The “Korea Shield System-3D” ensures 1 Year Warranty & provides Technical Training.
You will get very similar result data as Far Field Anechoic Chamber (8 x 4 x 4m) result.


Automated Air Sensitivity Measurement
Automated Channel Power Measurement
Simultaneous Measurement of Air Sensitivity &Channel Power Measurement
Automated 2D & 3D Antenna Pattern Measurement (option)
Automated Spurious Measurement (option)
Windows Compatibility (98/2000/ NT/XP)
Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
User Select Measure Angle (10 ~ 180deg variable)
User Select FER
User Select Start Power (user can change power during measurement)
Various Protocol (GSM, cdma2000/IS-95, W-CDMA*….)
Handoff Function (except W-CDMA*)
Compatible with Agilent 8960, R&S CMU200, Anritsu8820
Fast Measurement Time
2D Air Sensitivity: 1 ~5 min/Ch (φ30deg Step, 0 ~ 360deg)
2D Power Measurement: 1 min/Ch (φ10deg Step, 0 ~ 360deg)
3D Air Sensitivity: 16 ~ 20 min/Ch (φ30deg Step, 0 ~ 360deg)
3D Power Measurement: 4 ~ 6 min/Ch (φ15deg Step, 0 ~ 360deg)
Easy Up-Grade (Made in Korea)
Direct Data Export to Microsoft Excel & Word
Advanced Plotting: Data Listing, Cartesian, Polar
Export Plots to bmp, jpg Files
Advanced Graphics: Zooming & Scale

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